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CAM & Holistic Therapies


What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine, also known as: (CAM)?

The term CAM refers to the numerous different therapies that are often referred to as natural or holistic in their application/uses/theory. Complementary applies to those therapies that are used in conjunction with other therapies/medicine, such as aromatherapy used together with sleep disorder management program. Alternative refers to using a particular therapy/medicine in place of another as an ‘alternative’, such as acupuncture for pain relief/management. Alternative also applies to those alternative medicines that represent a ‘whole medical system’ outside of the conventional allopathic/Western medicine, such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayuvedic Medicine, Naturopathy and Homeopathy.


Who can benefit from CAM? 

Complementary and Alternative Medicine can be beneficial for both people and animals. As with all types of medicine, therapies and remedies there are contraindications for specific use, such as certain health care issues and concerns, known allergies, age and more. It is important when seeking any type of health care therapies to check with the practitioner about their professional qualifications, experience and knowledge in their particular profession. You will want to find a qualified practitioner that is available to answer your questions, and who is open to communication with your veterinarian in regards to any concerns and contraindications that may apply to your animal companion’s overall well-being.


Scope of Practice:  is a description of a professional practice that defines its procedures, actions, applications, and limitations. It is written, administered and enforced by governing, licensing or certification boards, and law/regulation enforcement bodies at the State or National level.